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Get a chance to take home a FREE Pallet Wrapping Machine this 24th

E3 Wrap for FREE - Black Friday Deal

Sal-Tech Easy Packaging launches the E3Wrap43 (E3 Wrap For Free) treat this Black Friday. South Jutland Denmark – November, 2017

TINGLEV, SOUTH JUTLAND, DENMARK, November 21, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Sal-Tech Easy Packaging (STEP) just announced the release of 5 (five) E3 Wrap 2100 at 0.00DKK for the 24th of November Black Friday Event Sale! Having the value of crafting intricate, efficient, and effective solution that are tailored fit for businesses, the company also prides itself with its readymade E3 pallet wrapping machines and ergonomic tools under the E3Hallbrook.com name.

E3 Wrap 2100 is the basic semi-pallet wrapper equipment for an array of business needs and is easy to ship with its lightweight materials. Now you can pallet wrap this very instant at zero cost! This machine requires low power and maintenance for long term economic solution and is very much compatible with the E3 Stretch Film made available by STEP.

As stated by Gunnar Salbæk, CEO and Owner of Sal-Tech Easy Packaging, “Originally, we had small companies not think pallet wrappers as target, but we have found a larger potential in small to midsized and even large companies with multiples sites. Companies who know they have a pallet wrapper demand and therefore challenge the E3 wrap concept that is simple up against traditional turntable pallet wrappers and often the E3 Wrap 2100 concept has a stronger set of advantages compared to this type of machine being competitive both on investment but also on daily cost of film for wrapping the pallets and then comes the improved ergonomics as no hill no ramp, lower film roll weight and less use of power being added on the gaining success and not least it being a safer machine concept.”

When asked for the future plans, “We are thinking to keep widening our sales area allowing Sal-Tech Easy Packaging to grow international with eh E3 Wrap 2100 machine concept alongside other products we are producing or developing as we speak”. The STEP team is in the period of expansion in terms of manpower and acquiring partners worldwide and subsequently, STEP will then take the US market by storm with machines and tools that are at par with supposed market demands. Driven to eliminate waste hours from inefficient operation and ensure both environment and personal safety during warehouse processes.

Register now to get your FREE E3 Wrap 2100 Pallet Wrapping Machine - http://e3wrap43.sal-tech.com/.

For added information, you may forward inquiries to support@sal-tech.com or directly mail to sales@sal-tech.com and look for the amiable Sales Support Team. Should you have other products in mind, visit www.sal-tech.com for more deals and on-sale items.

Juvenell Tagaban
Sal-Tech Easy Packaging
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E3 Wrap 2100 for FREE - Black Friday Deal - Free Pallet Wrapper

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